Massachusetts opens first legal marijuana shops on East Coast

‘I am actually going to probably preserve it and display it … because it is historically significant’ Clark Mindock /New York A town mayor was among the first to line up to buy legal marijuana in Massachusetts which became the first state along the eastern seaboard to allow the sale of the drug for recreational use.  The state is the […]

Seven ways to make sure you get the CBD you paid for

Don’t buy it at a gas station. Check the lab test. Packaging matters. (Tinnakorn Jorruang/iStock) Leafly’s test of 47 different CBD products exposed one of the main frustrations consumers have with the popular new wellness compound: It’s hard to know if you’re getting the CBD you paid for. We discovered that 23 of the 47 products did […]

What is CBD oil? A beginner’s guide to cannabidiol extracts

What exactly is CBD (cannabidiol) oil and what can it do? What doesn’t it do? You’re likely here because someone told you to try CBD oil for pain, insomnia, anxiety, cancer, or another medical condition. Or you may be interested in trying it for everyday wellness, like a daily supplement. We’re glad you’re here, arming yourself with […]

6 cannabis strains for people who love tropical terpenes

Ever hear someone say “Oh, I love tropical terps!” You know they were talking about some cannabis with a particular flavor. Tropical strains tend to hold flavors of pineapple, mango, tangerine, and other fruits that fall under that tree. These tropical flavors come from the plant’s terpene profile, which are compounds that give plants their […]

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